Hi, Hello and Welcome!

Good evening everyone! 

So, I’m snuggled up in bed and have decided to finally take the plunge. The plunge into the world of blogging. Now, I’ll openly admit the thought of writing to an audience or for the world to see is rather intimidating; but I’m going to be an open book and give it a go.

Recently on my instagram page (@klmpsoriasis) I’ve been wanting to delve into more detail about the products I’m trying out and using for both beauty and psoriasis. However, the platform doesn’t really allow for a lot of rambling – which is what I tend to do! So, on this blog, I’m going to tell you all about how I’m feeling, what products I’m loving, hating, how my skin is doing and probably everything in between!

In terms of my skin, everything is pretty a-okay right now. I’m not following a specific diet or a strict psoriasis skincare regime; but I’ve definitely changed things up a lot in the past few months following UV treatment in hospital. I will also be discussing the treatments I’ve had and my opinions on them.

IMG_1999 (1)

I’ve never been into wordpress or any blogging sites either, so bear with! I’ll be swatting up on how everything works and in the meantime if anyone has any advice I welcome it with open arms!

So here it is, KLMPSORIASIS – the blog.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, sending out love and positive vibes,




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