HelloSkin – Website Review & Unboxing!

https://helloskinshop.co.uk – visit them now!

I have been very excited to be able to talk about this fantastic new company for a while now!

Patiently, my box has been waiting as I’ve set up my blog, but now it’s time to talk about HelloSkin. Named as the “first online store for people with psoriasis”, of course I was going to eagerly dive straight in!

Their website is friendly, warm and welcoming. The fact that it’s a store specifically for psoriasis sufferers already makes you feel a bit happy and special, knowing that people are working to try and aid your needs! With plenty of information surrounding the brand and the people who created it, it’s clear that these people know what they’re talking about and have spent plenty of time researching their chosen products. They also encourage their users to submit products that work for them, to be researched by the team and added to the store if they find them beneficial. Ultimately, there’s very much a ‘we care and we’re listening’ vibe coming from the team, which is rare in the world of psoriasis professionals (we all know how tough talking to a dermatologist can be at times).

The next big tick from me is HelloSkin‘s easy to use product finder. It takes you through some short, simple questions in order to find the most appropriate products for you. These include: age, body part, symptom, need and when to use. This is a great way to narrow straight down to specific products. However, you can skip questions and also move onto suggestions without answering every question.

Screenshot from HelloSkin’s website, part of the product finder process.
If you’re wanting a more general look at the products available, you can also browse through needs, types, and ingredients or simply all products. Alternatively, the site has set up some pre-made groups too, for example night use, for children, chapped skin, scaly skin etc. All of these different search options make the website extremely user friendly and you get where you want to be in no time as a first time user. The only improvement I would personally like to see is a search bar (there may or may not already be one that I haven’t found), that you can type in specific products for a quick search, as at the moment you have to go through the product finder or the need, type or ingredient sections. This means that if you’ve previously seen a product you like on the site, you have to go through the sections to reach it again rather than hopping straight to it.

Screenshot from HelloSkin’s website, a selection of pre-made product groups.
Once browsing through some different groups and seeing what HelloSkin had to offer, I was impressed with the selection available, many of the products are actually what I saw and used whilst undergoing both coal tar and UV treatment in hospital (body washes, moisturisers etc.). Products that are used in the industry, but you don’t often see in your local supermarket or pharmacist. At this point I think it’s important to point out the company sell non-prescription products and they don’t claim to have any miracle cures, but they are selling tried and tested items and have reasoning behind their choices.

Now, I’m in a fairly mild place with my psoriasis at the moment (thankfully!). With a few minor flares on my chest and stomach, my body is in a good place. My scalp seems to be the only place that can still get a bit angry, especially around the hairline. That in mind, I searched for body wash and scalp products. After narrowing down and looking at what products I already had in my collection at home, I came to the conclusion of the Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo and Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap. Priced at £7.99 (320ml) and £3.75 (90g). I have previously used the Dead Sea Spa Magik body lotion and wash, so knew it was a brand I enjoyed. The Mud Mask Soap is a bit more of a venture into the unknown!

Orders over £25 qualify for next day free delivery, but I just wanted a bit of a taster of HelloSkin and their products so didn’t splash out. This meant paying £4.50 for standard delivery, which I initially found a tad steep, but looking back at their website it seems they have updated their delivery costs; free standard shipping (yay) and £4.50 for next day! I will definitely be inclined to order more frequently now this has changed for the better! The only down side of delivery is that currently the company are only shipping to the UK, so if you don’t live here it automatically restricts access.

To the arrival of the products! They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Packaging was nice and simple, which I like, nothing too fussy! It’s practical and had the HelloSkin branding stickers on the box, a nice touch of detail.


HelloSkin packaging.
Upon opening the box, you receive your invoice details along with useful returns information, plus some of those funky HelloSkin stickers for yourself! Also, there’s plenty of polystyrene to keep everything safe and sound.



Removing the packaging and revealing the products, obviously the most exciting part of receiving any parcel! This was the first opening of the box for me, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a little sample of Relivio Body Lotion tucked alongside my items (thank you HelloSkin!). I will be definitely testing this out alongside my body wash and shampoo!

Happy HelloSkin products, eager to test them out now!


All of the products arrived as they should and there was communication from HelloSkin throughout the entire process of ordering, processing and delivery via email. I knew exactly how my order was doing and what stage it was at, which is a big thumbs up from me! Also, as mentioned previously, there was a clear returns information form with the items which is handy just in case you have any problems.


So here are the three products I’m going to be trying:




Overall, I’ve had a wonderfully positive first experience with HelloSkin. With a bright, easy to use and welcoming website, appropriate products, plus a friendly & personal atmosphere it is a new brand bursting with potential! I sincerely hope they keep their personal touch and constant communication up even when their company expands and grows. Also, they’re always active on social media and are involved in the community, a massive positive! It’s definitely a website I feel I can trust and I’m excited for their product base to grow too.

Throughout using the products I will share opinions, thoughts and updates! But for now I just wanted to share my experience of ordering and using the website. If you have any questions just give me a shout!

Sending love and positive vibes,




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