Let’s Talk About Liz

For a long time, Liz Earle has been my favourite skincare brand. From suffering with acne throughout my teenage years (continuing on now!), to being diagnosed with psoriasis, it has been a brand that has never let me down.

My journey with Liz started when I couldn’t get away from the online hype of their ‘Cleanse and Polish’ product. Constant shining reviews and a price tag that just about suited me as a student, I decided to give it a go. I’d never properly been into cleansers before this time, I think I had tried a couple of different ones before this but had never been committed to them.

The whole idea of skincare to me prior to this wasn’t of much importance to me, I *almost* always took my make up off before bed and moisturised daily, but that was about it. I had used the Clinique 3 Step when I was a lot younger, but found it too harsh for my skin and I wasn’t committed enough to the cause.

But seeing the social media presence of this product I had to give it a go – watching the waterproof mascara smoothly slide away from people’s faces, who couldn’t deny such an easy process?!

Making the first purchase, I was excited to see if Cleanse and Polish really lived up to it’s reputation. I’m very happy to say it did.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
My most recent purchase, the ‘Power of 3’ Kit – including two cleansing cloths.

Founded in 1995 and born in the Isle of Wight and their website describes Liz Earle exactly how it is:

“We’re passionate about all we do and like to keep things simple. Our products offer a fuss-free, dependable routine which is also a pampering treat for everyone.”

I couldn’t think of a better way to sum it up. Their products don’t claim to be fancy or make miracles happen, they do the job they’re intended to do but still make you feel that fresh ‘out of the spa’ kinda feeling. The products feel luxurious on the skin, alongside the scent, you experience that revived, clean and crisp sensation.

Not only this, they contain no animal ingredients and have no animal testing.

Part of the current skincare routine!

I have gone on to use not only Cleanse and Polish, but also the Gentle Face Exfoliator, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser and Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash. I have’t been disappointed by any. No bad breakouts or any irritation on psoriasis patches.

If you’re looking for a reliable skincare brand that isn’t going to break the bank, give Liz Earle a go! Recommending Cleanse and Polish & Gentle Face Exfoliator as starting points, you can’t go wrong.



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